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  • Publication
    Suss MicroTec MA6 Mask Aligner Training: First Mask
    (2019-09-09) Popoola, Ifeoluwa; Johnston, Eric D
  • Publication
    IPG Green Laser Micromachining SOP
    (2023-02-11) Johnston, Eric
    SOP for the 532nm green laser located in QNF.
  • Publication
    ABM Mask Aligner standard operating procedure
    (2021-11-15) Johnston, Eric
    The ABM mask aligner is a manual top-side mask aligner that can accommodate up to 100mm substrates. It can also be used for aligning PDMS components for PDMS-to-PDMS bonding.
  • Publication
    Presentation for Lab-on-a-Chip Seminar at QNF
    (2016-02-26) Johnston, Eric D
    Presentation for Lab-on-a-Chip seminar and workshop given on Friday June 15, 2017.
  • Publication
    Mask Flaw Propagation Using 360nm Long Pass Filter
    (2017-10-20) Gona, Ram Surya; Johnston, Eric D
    To test the flaw propagation to features of SU-8 resist in the presence of 360nm long pass (LP) filter during exposure.
  • Publication
    Microfluidics for Medical Research
    (2019-03-21) Johnston, Eric D
    Presentation that included how microfluidics are useful for biological and medical research applications.
  • Publication
    Characterization and Optimization of Parylene-C deposition process using SCS Parylene coater
    (2019-01-15) Hastings, Hannah; Johnston, Eric D; Kim, Gyuseok
    Parylene-C has been deposited on bare Si wafers by physical vapor deposition using the SCS Coating Systems. Results show a 12 µm thick Parylene-C film with 10 g of dimer and negligible thickness variation across a wafer. We find a positive linear relationship between film thickness and mass of dimer at a range of 1 g to 18 g. However, the Al boat for dimer was burnt with 18 g of dimer, suggesting multiple depositions with 1 g to 10 g of dimer are recommended to achieve the Parylene-C film thicker than 12 µm.
  • Publication
    YES Oven Tutorial: HMDS Vapor Prime
    (2019-11-11) Hall, Saarah; Johnston, Eric D
  • Publication
    SU-8 Post Development Bake (Hard Bake) Study
    (2017-10-16) Gona, Ram Surya; Johnston, Eric D
    Test for annealing of SU-8 surface cracks by post-development bake at various temperatures and times.
  • Publication
    Effect of Post-Development Bake on Adhesion of SU-8
    (2017-07-14) Johnston, Eric D; Gona, Ram Surya
    To test adhesion of under-exposed SU-8 structures with the wafer surface by Post-Development (PD) Bake.