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Synthesis and device characteristics of highly scalable GeTe nanowire-based phase transition memory are reported. The authors have demonstrated reversible phase transition memory switching behavior in GeTe nanowires, and obtained critical device parameters, such as write and erase currents, threshold voltage, and programming curves. The diameter dependence of memory switching behavior in GeTe nanowires was studied and a systematic reduction of writing currents with decreasing diameter was observed, with currents as low as 0.42 mA for a 28 nm nanowire. Results show that nanowires are very promising for scalable memory applications and for studying size-dependent phase transition mechanisms at the nanoscale.


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Lee, S., Ko, D., Jung, Y. and Agarwal, R. (2011). Size-dependent phase transition memory switching behavior and low writing currents in GeTe nanowires. Applied Physics Letters. 89, 223116.

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Date Posted: 07 July 2011

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