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author={Pajic, M. and Sundaram, S. and Aneja, M. and Vemuri, S. and Mangharam, R. and Pappas, G.J.},
booktitle={Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), 2011 10th International Conference on},
title={Architecture for a fully distributed Wireless Control Network},
keywords={distillation equipment;distributed parameter systems;networked control systems;process control;telecommunication control;wireless sensor networks;Simulink;distillation column control;distributed wireless control network;process control problem;process-in-the-loop simulation;wireless actuators;wireless networked control systems;wireless nodes;wireless sensors;Distillation equipment;Fires;Process control;Real time systems;Sensors;Wireless communication;Wireless sensor networks;Control over wireless networks;control systems;cyber-physical systems;wireless sensor networks}}


We demonstrate a distributed scheme for control over wireless networks. In our previous work, we introduced the concept of a Wireless Control Network (WCN), where the network itself, with no centralized node, acts as the controller. In this demonstration, we show how the WCN can be utilized for distillation column control, a well-known process control problem. To illustrate the use of a WCN, we have utilized a process-in-the-loop simulation, where the behavior of a distillation column was simulated in Simulink and interfaced with an actual, physical network (used as the control network), which consists of several wireless nodes, sensors and actuators. The goal of this demonstration is to show the benefits of a fully-distributed robust wireless control/actuator network, which include simple scheduling, scalability and compositionality.


Control over wireless networks, wireless sensor networks, control systems, cyber-physical systems



Date Posted: 11 September 2017

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