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    Online Optimization of Soft Manipulator Mechanics via Hierarchical Control
    (2024) Misra, Shivangi; Sung, Cynthia
    Actively tuning mechanical properties in soft robots is now feasible due to advancements in soft actuation technologies. In soft manipulators, these novel actuators can be distributed over the robot body to allow greater control over its large number of degrees of freedom and to stabilize local deformations against a range of disturbances. In this paper, we present a hierarchical policy for stiffness control for such a class of soft manipulators. The stiffness changes induce desired deformations in each segment, thereby influencing the manipulator’s end-effector position. The algorithm can be run as an online controller to influence the manipulator’s stable states – as we demonstrate in simulation – or offline as a design algorithm to optimize stiffness distributions – as we showcase in a hardware demonstration. Our proposed hierarchical control scheme is agnostic to the stiffness actuation method and can extend to other soft manipulators with nonuniform stiffness distributions.
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    Audiovisual Data Curation Primer Presentation
    This presentation was given as part of the Data Curation Network's Primer Webinar held on 2023-12-14. The authors presented the highlights of our Audiovisual Data Curation Primer, which is a peer-reviewed concise resource designed to provide support for data curators in learning about audiovisual files. The full primer is openly avaliable at
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    BIBFRAME instance mining: Toward authoritative publisher entities using association rules
    With the transition of a shared catalog to BIBFRAME linked data, there is now a pressing need for identifying the canonical Instance for clustering in BIBFRAME. A fundamental component of Instance identification is by way of authoritative publisher entities. Previous work in this area by OCLC research (Connaway & Dickey, 2011) proposed a data mining approach for developing an experimental Publisher Name Authority File (PNAF). The OCLC research was able to create profiles for "high-incidence" publishers after data mining and clustering of publishers. As a component of PNAF, Connaway & Dickney were able to provide detailed subject analysis of publishers. This presentation will detail a case study of machine learning methods over a corpus of subjects, main entries, and added entries, as antecedents into association rules to derive consequent publisher entities. The departure point for the present research into identification of authoritative publisher entities is to focus on clustering, reconciliation and re-use of ISBN and subfield b of MARC 260 along with the subjects (650 - Subject Added Entry), main entries (1XX - Main Entries) and added entries (710 - Added Entry-Corporate Name) as signals to inform a training corpus into association rule mining, among other machine learning algorithms, libraries, and methods.
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    BF Interlingua: Interoperability among BIBFRAME linked data vocabularies
    Presentation exploring an interchange process among BIBFRAME linked data vocabularies.
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    SVDE model interoperability: SVDE and the BIBFRAME interchange structure
    Provides an overview on a possible interchange structure for BIBFRAME using RDF/XML from Library of Congress as the interchange structure. The presentation details selected normalization steps of an SVDE instance into the RDF/XML Library of Congress structure. The presentation concludes with an example of loading SVDE normalized data into the Alma Sandbox at Penn by way of a locally hosted linked data editor, Marva.