Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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Adolescent girls are the future leaders of the world. They are desperately needed and increasingly in pain. Adolescent youth are facing a mental health epidemic caused by many complex factors. High-achieving settings are now considered a high-risk factor for adolescents, along with youth experiencing trauma, discrimination, and poverty. These students face immense pressure to excel, social isolation, and limited relationships. Positive Psychology provides a pathway for school environments to build structures that support adolescent well-being. Specifically, this paper will focus on how cooperative games and play are a pathway to increase well-being and build leadership competencies in adolescent girls.


education, adolescent well-being, adolescent, high school, girls, games, play, collaboration, high-achieving, cooperation, PERMA, leadership, positive relationships, engagement, achievement


Well-Being/Flourishing, Education, Positive Emotions, Achievement, Relationships


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Date Posted: 24 November 2020