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University of Pennsylvania Institute for Research in Cognitive Science Technical Report No. IRCS-92-31.


Much planning research assumes that the goals for which one plans are known in advance. That is not true of trauma management, which involves both a search for relevant goals and reasoning about how to achieve them.

TraumAID is a consultation system for the diagnosis and treatment of multiple trauma. It has been under development jointly at the University of Pennsylvania and the Medical College of Pennsylvania for the past eight years. TraumAID integrates diagnostic reasoning, planning and action. Its reasoner identifies diagnostic and therapeutic goals appropriate to the physician’s knowledge of the patient’s state, while its planner advises on beneficial actions to next perform. The physician’s lack of complete knowledge of the situation and the time limitations of emergency medicine constrain the ability of any planner to identify what would be the best thing to do. Nevertheless, TraumAID’s Progressive Horizon Planner has been designed to create a plan for patient care that is in keeping with the standards of managing trauma.



Date Posted: 20 September 2006