Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

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Technical Report

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US Army Research Laboratory


This document presents a detailed record of the methodologies, assumptions, limitations, and references used in creating the human figure model in Jack, a program that displays and manipulates articulated geometric figures. This report reflects current efforts to develop and refine Jack software to enable its validation and verification as a tool for performing human engineering analysis. These efforts include human figure model improvements, statistical anthropometric data processing methods, enhanced human figure model construction and measuring methods, and automated accomodation analysis. This report discusses basic details of building human models, model anthropometry, scaling, Jack anthropometry-based human models, statistical data processing, figure generation tools, anthropometric errors, inverse dynamics, smooth skin implementation, guidelines used in estimating landmark locations on the model, and recommendations for validating and verifying the Jack human figure model.


Computer programs, Statistical data, Human factors engineering, Statistical processes, Anthropometry, Measurement, Position(Location), Verification, Validation, Models, Humans, Tools, Dynamics, Construction, Geometric forms, Errors, Inversion, Navigation reference, Jack software, Jack anthropometry based human model



Date Posted: 13 January 2016