Evaluation and Recommendations for a Portion of the East Brook

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Holiman, Erin

The East Brook is a small stream that runs southeast to northwest within the Morris Arboretum where it then feeds into the Wissahickon Creek. This stream is used by Arboretum staff to educate the public through interpretative signage and it provides many views valuable to the Arboretum. A portion of the East Brook, specifically the northwestern portion from the log cabin bridge to where it meets the Wissahickon Creek was focused on because there was a more immediate need for stabilization improvements as there are large eroded sections of the stream bank due to the absence of an adequate wall, stone, or natural plant root protection. Climate models have predicted an increase in precipitation for the Mid-Atlantic region that will increase stream bank degradation. Six spots along the stream were identified that could benefit from some type of erosion control. Additionally, areas along the stream are improved by continual removal of invasive species and weeds. A few native plantings will be added to be barriers for the stream, add seasonal interest, and for potential erosion control. Recommendations for bamboo control and path reestablishment were also noted. Evaluation of the erosion issues concluded that the problems were more numerous and serious than originally thought. Experts were consulted to assess the erosion problems and assist in the effort to start developing improvement plans. Once completed and an estimated budget developed, the Arboretum will be able to initiate fundraising efforts to cover repair costs, hopefully to be completed in the next 5-10 years.

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An independent study project report by The Alice & J. Liddon Pennock, Jr. Endowed Horticulture Intern
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