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We have measured the noise of MOS transistors of the United Technology Microelectronics Center (UTMC) 1.2 µm radiation hardened CMOS P-well process from the weak to moderate inversion region. The noise power spectral densities of both NMOS and PMOS devices were measured from 1 KHz to 50 MHz. The bandwidth was chosen such that the important components of the spectral densities such as the white thermal noise and the l/f noise could be easily resolved and analyzed in detail. The effects of different device terminal DC biases and channel geometries on the noise are described.

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Tedja, S., H.H. Wiliams, J. Van der Spiegel, F.M. Newcomer and R. Van Berg. (1992). "Noise Spectral Density Measurements of a Radiation Hardened CMOS Process in the Weak and Moderate Inversion." IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. Vol. 39(4). pp. 804-808.

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