The Leadership Edge: Empowering Non-Profit Leaders of the Future

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Blyler, Abigail
Cepeda, Daniela
Kneis, Corinne
Russo, Carla Herreria
Schaffer, Ilene

Atlas Service Corps, Inc. (Atlas Corps) is dedicated to driving global social change by providing international nonprofit leaders, known as Fellows with exceptional educational and occupational opportunities. However, Atlas Fellows face challenges during their cultural transition and adjustment process, impacting their leadership development and sense of connection to the Atlas Corps community. Drawing upon the theory and research in positive psychology theory, this project proposes an evidence-based approach to enhance fellows' leadership competencies and foster a stronger sense of belonging within the organization. The program, delivered through psychoeducational videos and facilitated discussions, focuses on cultivating self-efficacy, resilience, and interpersonal connection. It targets key areas of growth through positive psychology interventions such as cognitive reframing techniques, character strengths exploration, and a visualization exercise to harness optimism and hope about the future to encourage optimal goal pursuit. By integrating these interventions within the Atlas Corps framework, this project aims to support fellows' personal and professional growth while strengthening the bonds within the community. As Atlas Corps continues to adapt to the needs of its diverse community, the application of evidence-based interventions and the cultivation of a culture of well-being and connection will be essential to its ongoing success in developing global leaders.

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