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  • Publication
    KOH etching of (100) Si wafer, No 2
    (2016-09-02) Bajwa, Inayat
    This report describes KOH etching of (100) Si wafer through a hard mask of silicon oxide, and reveals that the scattered etch rate is ascribed to the etch rates of the different crystal planes exposed during the etching.
  • Publication
    Inkjet Printing of Ag Nanoparticles using Dimatix Inkjet Printer, No 1
    (2017-01-13) Abbas, Amal; Bajwa, Inayat
    Ag nanoparticle inkjet printing on polyimide and polyethylene terephthalate films has been performed using Dimatix inkjet printer at Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility. This article describes selection of Ag nanoparticle inks and reports the progress of optimization of drop spacing, drop frequency, droplet size, and waveform for high resolution features, and furthermore reveals the pros and cons of Dimatix inkjet printing. In addition, the resistivity of Ag nanoparticle line sintered was determined to be ~2.2 x 10-5 Ωm. The adhesion and bending tests indicated that Ag nanoparticle pattern sintered on PI and PET films had exceptional mechanical stability.
  • Publication
    Metal Assisted Chemical Etching
    (2016-05-25) Bajwa, Inayat
  • Publication
    KOH etching of (100) Si wafer, No 1
    (2016-03-03) Bajwa, Inayat