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Technical Report

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August 1978


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-78-22.


As the need for solutions to high speed processing problems increases, new and novel architectures will be developed. PEPE is an attempt to solve a specific real-time problem with use of special purpose hardware.

The Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center in Huntsville, Alabama started development studies in the late 1960s for a processor to offload the ever increasing demands on a serial processor operating in a ballistic missile defense (BMD) environment.

PEPE's design specifically addresses the BMD problem. It was designed to perform three basic functions previously allocated to a CDC 7700 system.

They are:

Correlation of new radar returns with current tracks

Track prediction on all current tracks

Scheduling on a radar time/power line, pulses to acquire more data on current or new tracks.



Date Posted: 14 November 2007