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Ethan Mollick


Game-based learning has been around for quite some time, but serious games have emerged as a promising field for education. Games provide a structured learning experience with built-in incentives that motivate players to master the game's rules and objectives. In addition, modern game technologies have enabled the use of immersive graphics, which can enhance the players' understanding of the underlying concepts. Overall, serious games and graphics have the potential to revolutionize education by making it more engaging, interactive, and effective. This thesis highlights the potential for game-based learning and computer graphics technology to expand beyond the realm of computer science and teach abstract concepts in other fields. By leveraging the unique features of games and graphics, such as their interactive nature and immersive experiences, it may be possible to create effective educational tools for a wide range of subjects. The attached resources and materials provide a foundation for future research and development in this field, with the ultimate goal of improving education and expanding the ways in which people learn and understand complex concepts. Though results remain inconclusive, this novel take on serious games and hopes to act as a stepping stone for future work in serious games exercising the mediums’ strengths in ways that go beyond the traditional routes of immersion and competitiveness.


gamification, serious games, recursion, education, computer science, game engines



Date Posted: 25 May 2023


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