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Adam Grant


This paper discusses a research study conducted to discover if there was a sociological or psychometric difference between undergraduate business majors who opted for the conventional post- undergraduate career paths versus those who did not. To determine this, a qualtrics survey was conducted with various psychometric predictors that covered values, personality, and career interests. This survey was followed by a series of semi structured interviews, to discover if there were any sociological factors that influenced their career choice. The study found that there were statistically significant relationships between the choice of a nontraditional or traditional career and the Five Factor Model (FFM) Openness and Neuroticism; Schwartz’s PVQ openness to change (specifically self-direction) and hedonism, and the passion-purpose-decisions scale, which is a blend of the calling scale and the scale for measuring entrepreneurial passion.


career choice, organizational behavior, prestige, psychometric



Date Posted: 26 September 2022


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