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Scanning Electron Microscopy


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Pericardial patch grafters were implanted in the hearts of young sheep for periods ranging from two to 120 days. Explants seven to 21 days old revealed the formation of a "pseudoneointima" (PNI) on the blood contacting surface of the pericardium. The PNI was more heavily mineralized than the pericardium. Mineralization was most intense on the blood contacting surface of the PNI and on the chamber surface of the pericardium. After three weeks of implantation, the PNI was much thinner and was organized into a thin fibrous capsule without any signs of mineralization. In the pericardium, mineral deposits were seen in fibroblasts. Moreover, cell-related mineralization was evident prior to calcification of the surrounding collagen matrix



Date Posted: 22 December 2016

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