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2008-2009 Penn Humanities Forum on Change
Undergraduate Mellon Research Fellows


Brooke S. Palmieri, College '09, English, History

Impudence to Copy: The Relation Between Print Culture and the Manuscripts of Francis Daniel Pastorius

In 1683, Francis Daniel Pastorius (1651-1719), a German-born Quaker and well-trained Lawyer, arrived with the first German settlement to found Germantown, under a charter given him by William Penn. By 1696 Pastorius began the most ambitious of his works, “Beehive”, a massive folio comprising thousands of entries quoting hundreds of books he had read. But Pastorius's concerns with the collection of knowledge at the book's conception had assumed, according to him, "quite an other form or face" by the time the book had doubled in size at the end of his life; a change reflected in the books he gathered commonplaces from, and the system of organization he developed in order that each collected work could be recollected with ease and efficiency.



Date Posted: 09 September 2009