Undergraduate Humanities Forum 2005-6: Word & Image

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2005-2006 Penn Humanities Forum on Word & Image, Undergraduate Mellon Research Fellows.

URL: http://humanities.sas.upenn.edu/05-06/mellon_uhf.shtml


This presentation, like the others of this panel, concerns itself with interactions that take place between those who create a work and those that study it, those who practice and those who theorize, not that they are exclusive characterizations. In the particular case of my project, the interaction between practitioners/theorists and a critical establishment is an adversarial one, or many times seems that way. My project is titled: Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown's Confrontation with Postmodernity. The immensity of the material the Venturis have produced and the variety of issues involved in tackling a term like postmodernism makes for many tangents and a far longer paper, what I'm concentrating on in this presentation is the issue which sparked this project: Robert Venturi believes there is a pervasive misconception about his work. How did this come about?



Date Posted: 31 July 2007