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Mauro Guillen


In this paper, the goal is to understand the implications of two upcoming policy and technology changes in the Brazilian financial landscape: the launch of PIX, an Instant Payments platform, and Open Banking. This paper seeks to understand the political and economic scenario that led to the development and establishment of these two initiatives by the Central Bank in Brazil, as well as its consequences to stakeholders in the public and private financial ecosystem. For that, it explores early implementation in other countries that inspired the Brazilian authorities, as well as qualitative interviews with forty-three professionals in several different industries. We conclude that these two initiatives have the potential to change the course of financial inclusion in Brazil in the next decade, but it will heavily rely on the action of private players to innovate and create more accessible offers.


fintech, financial regulation, Brazil, open banking, instant payments, economic impact, social impact



Date Posted: 09 November 2021


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