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Sarah E. Light


In 2010, Paul Quinn College, located in South Dallas, Texas, created the WE Over Me Farm. Paul Quinn College and the WE Over Me farm were formerly located in a food desert. Thus, the farm was created in order to address the issues most prevalent in its community: food access and food insecurity. The WE Over Me Farm is a sustainable plant farm located on Paul Quinn College’s former football field. When created, the WE Over Me Farm was intended to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables in a community starved of healthy food options. Previously, residents located in the 75421 zip code were only able to purchase food from convince stores. Within the last two years, grocery stores have opened within a mile radius of this community, thus removing its food desert status. This research aims to analyze the impact Paul Quinn College has had on its surrounding community and identify the gaps present between its initial vision and what has become reality. Further, this paper aims to provide succinct, concrete recommendations that can help close identified gaps and further the impact of the WE Over Me Farm.


food insecurity, food access, food desert, South Dallas, organic plant farm

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Date Posted: 18 September 2018


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