Dynamics of Culture—2003-2005

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To inform the debate over costs vs benefits of arts-based development to neighborhood revitalization, Penn Urban Studies Program chose "arts in place" as the theme of its Third Annual Public Conversation Series 2003-04. This document is a synthesis of the narratives and insights gleaned from the series--eight events with 23 speakers over five months--to share with a wider audience. The report describes the models and theories about how the arts influence development raised in six site-based discussions. Lastly, the report presents themes and issues that cut across Philadelphia's cultural landscape aired during the culminating session and throughout the series.


University of Pennsylvania co-sponsors of the Third Annual Public Conversation Series 2003-04 were the Urban Studies Program and SIAP. The contribution of Caroline and Michael Mindel to SIAP through the Penn School of Social Work made possible the preparation of this report. Documentation was done by Susan Seifert (SIAP) and Domenic Vitiello (Penn Urban Studies & History). Arts In Place was a component of SIAP’s Dynamics of Culture research, undertaken with support by the Rockefeller Foundation.



Date Posted: 18 May 2017