University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics

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This is the second volume of the Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, published by the University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Club. The publication is put together by students in Department of Linguistics and is aimed at providing a timely forum for current research in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

We are grateful to all those who contributed to the success of this volume of the Working Papers, especially our authors and anonymous reviewers. A special thanks is due to previous editors Miriam Meyerhoff and Bill and Reynolds, whose work in linguistics took them abroad this year. Their presence was felt at every stage of the process and their invaluable contribution to the inaugural volume are echoed throughout this second collection. We would like to thank Tony Kroch for this continuous support. We are also indebted to members of the Linguistics Department faculty and the University of Pennsylvania GSAC for monetary support.

We believe that this second volume of papers represents another significant contribution to linguistics at Penn. We encourage you to complete your collection by obtaining a copy of Volume 1 (Spring 1994) as well.

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