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We have developed a photolithographic process for the fabrication of large arrays of single walled carbon nanotube transistors with high quality electronic properties that rival those of transistors fabricated by electron beam lithography.Abuffer layer is used to prevent direct contact between the nanotube and the novolac-based photoresist, and a cleaning bake at 300C effectively removes residues that bind to the nanotube sidewall during processing. In situ electrical measurement of a nanotube transistor during a temperature ramp reveals sharp decreases in the ON-state resistance that we associate with the vaporization of components of the photoresist. Data from nearly 2000 measured nanotube transistors show an average ON-state resistance of 250 ± 100 kΩ. This new process represents significant progress towards the goal of highyield production of large arrays of nanotube transistors for applications including chemical sensors and transducers, as well as integrated circuit components.


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S.M. Khamis, R.A. Jones and A.T. Charlie Johnson. (2011). "Optimized photolithographic fabrication process for carbon nanotube devices." AIP Advances 1, 022106.

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Date Posted: 18 May 2011

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