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May 2007


Presentation for Department of Energy: Hydrogen Storage Merit Review on May 14-17, 2007.


Relevance: Improvements in gravimetric and volumetric capacity were realized by processes which increase pore volume, heat of adsorption and powder density. Volumetric capacity was more than doubled by rolling peels with PTFE binder and pellet pressing. Even larger gains may be achieved with bulk precursors.

Approach: A suite of post-processing strategies were developed and optimized for specific precursors.

Technical Accomplishments and Progress: Excess H2 adsorption over 4.3 wt.% and 0.034 kg/L was demonstrated in as-produced CDC having a moderate SSA and pore volume @ (77K, 55 atm). Max heat of H2 adsorption up to 11 kJ/mol (with average values ~ 8 kJ/mol) demonstrated.

Proposed Future Research: Further science-based modification of CDC porosity, microstructure and chemistry for improved H2uptake.



Date Posted: 25 May 2007