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November 2001


Nanowires of magnetic metals (Ho, Gd) have been synthesized inside the hollow interior of single wall carbon nanotubes by the sealed-tube reaction. Amongst the d- and f-series metal chlorides investigated in this study, HoCl3 and GdCl3 fill the SWNTs to a significantly higher extent than FeCl2 and CoCl2. HoCl3 and GdCl3 nanowires have been transformed into the respective metal nanowires via the reduction of the chloride nanowires. The nanowires have been imaged using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM). X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy carried out in conjunction with STEM confirmed the presence of metal chloride and metal nanowires.


Copyright Materials Research Society. Reprinted from MRS Proceedings Volume 706.
2001 Fall Meeting Symposium Z
Making Functional Materials with Nanotubes
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Date Posted: 05 November 2004

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