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We present the calculated and measured energy-propagation constant (E-ß) dispersion of CdS nanowire waveguides at room temperature, where we include dispersive effects via the exciton-polariton model using physical parameters instead of a phenomenological equation. The experimental data match well with our model while the phenomenological equation fails to capture effects originating due to light-matter interaction in nanoscale cavities. Due to the excitonic-polaritonic effects, the group index of the guided light peaks close to the band edge, which can have important implications for optical switching and sensor applications.


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van Vugt, L.K., B. Piccione and R. Agarwal. (2010). Incorporating polaritonic effects in semiconductor nanowire waveguide dispersion. Applied Physics Letters. 97, 061115.

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Date Posted: 14 October 2010

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