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An independent study project report by The Alice and J. Liddon Pennock, Jr. Endowed Horticulture Intern (2010-2011)


The Orange Balustrade has been a favorite garden in the Morris Arboretum for over a century. Today it is a quiet retreat and a meditative space with the peaceful sound of water. What many visitors do not realize is that this seemingly undiscovered space was once a major focal point in the garden, an entrance, and a property edge. The balustrade has seen dramatic changes, many of which have changed the growing conditions within. The soil has become a challenge for growing even the hardiest plants and the fully grown trees provide deep shade. The objective of this project is to refurbish the garden by planting hardy perennials suitable for the conditions of the area, examine and possibly alter circulation patterns, and reconnect the structure with the overall context of the Morris Arboretum.



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Date Posted: 30 March 2021