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An independent study project report by The Charles C. Holman Endowed Rose and Flower Garden Intern (2017-2018)


This project aims to assist current and future rosarians in evaluating the roses in the Morris Arboretum’s Rose Garden. This will be accomplished by updating the current Rose Garden database and researching the histories of selected roses. An updated database, plus the monthly evaluations of the roses, will allow for the determination of the best performing roses for this area. The histories will serve to highlight the importance of the Rose Garden and Rosa as a genus. Acknowledging the lack of consolidated information about the Rose Garden available to the public, this need will also be addressed. A website for the Rose Garden will be created for use by the public. A self-guided tour will also be created and posted on the Rose Garden website to encourage visitors to see the entirety of the Rose Garden. As a final product, interpretive metal photo labels will be created to be placed in front of the ten roses.



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Date Posted: 08 October 2018