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An independent study project report by The Alice and J. Liddon Pennock, Jr. Endowed Horticulture Intern (2013-2014)


There are a number of unwanted, invasive, non-native plants in the Morris Arboretum. The horticultural staff and volunteers are constantly battling these weeds in every section of the property. Correct identification poses a challenge, as well as choosing the most effective control techniques for each plant. Weed control requires a considerable allocation of time and money during the growing season. Efficient identification and eradication are of utmost importance. The purpose of this project was to create a weed identification and management guidebook specific to Morris Arboretum. Only the most common and problematic weeds on the property were covered. Emphasis was placed upon photographing and explaining all significant identification features, reproductive methods, problems caused, and management techniques. The reference guide is intended as a resource for interns, seasonal staff, volunteers, and interested members of the public.


Horticulture | Weed Science



Date Posted: 06 May 2019