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An independent study project report by The McLean Contributionship Endowed Education Intern (2014-2015)


Arboreta and public gardens across the country have been welcoming a growing and changing audience in recent years. Morris Arboretum is no exception to this trend. The Arboretum has experienced noticeable growth in the past five years, including more than a 50% increase in new membership and similarly noticeable increases in overall visitorship. The Arboretum has seen that with this success also comes increased visitor impact. Perhaps most noticeable have been incidences that damage plants in the living collection, statues, and garden facilities. The purpose of this project is to better understand the cause of the problem, and discuss possible solutions for the Arboretum. Visitor surveys, stakeholder interviews, interviews with staff from similar institutions, and a space use analysis of the public garden side of Morris Arboretum will help answer some of these questions. The project will culminate in a strategic plan dedicated to addressing and improving visitor impact, with a focus on creating a culture of respect.



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Date Posted: 25 March 2019