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An independent study project report by The Martha J. Wallace Endowed Plant Propagation Intern (2017-2018)


Recent publications have detected fluctuations in the native ranges of many plant species, as well as indications that invasive species are spreading into areas that were once not suitable for them (Hellmann 2008). Acer palmatum is a species whose presence has been documented in the Wissahickon Park and the natural areas around the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia as well as at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. With many cultivars having high seed yields, it is important to look into viability and germination rates as indicators of their invasiveness, as previously researched for Ailanthus altissima (Wickert et. al 2017). This project looks to compare these indices among cultivars to produce a recommendation of what cultivars might be better to plant in order to mitigate potential invasive effects.


Horticulture | Plant Breeding and Genetics



Date Posted: 08 October 2018