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This report concerns a tract of approximately 20 acres located at the intersection of Route 352 and Boot Road in East Goshen Township, Chester County, PA. The site is bounded on the east by Ridley Creek and on the south by an unnamed tributary, which enters Ridley Creek at the southeast corner. Most of the site is an open herbaceous wetland, however a narrow forested riparian strip extends along the stream corridors. The underlying geology is felsic gneiss; the land slopes very gradually to the creeks.

A sewer right-of-way parallels Ridley Creek along the east side of the tract. An elevated boardwalk, and a paved trail along Boot Road have been constructed to enhance recreational uses of the site. Several historic buildings and a parking lot occupy the northwest corner.

We were contacted in the winter of 2003 and asked to complete an inventory of the plants on the tract. Three visits were made to the wetland on May 20, 2004, July 2, 2004, and September 22, 2004 for this purpose.

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Date Posted: 01 October 2018