Welcome to Momentum, the University of Pennsylvania’s Science, Technology, and Society (STSC) Academic Journal. The Spring 2018 Edition presents a revival of the former journal (inactive since 2015) with an accessible and diverse spirit. In today’s world, technology often becomes synonymous with billion dollar startup companies or the newest iPhone applications. Our goal for this journal is to demonstrate how pervasive and multifaceted technology can be, and the various, if not unexpected ways, we encounter it.

The subsequent collection of essays and art works will touch on a few of the many exchanges we share with technology. From the 2015 viral blue-and-black-or-white-and-gold dress to cinematic depictions of dogs, we aim to highlight the vast array of technologies and our interactions. We hope to inspire you to reflect on more of your own experiences and to internalize the expansive role technology has played in history, society, and your own individual life.



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