Momentum: Volume 5, Issue 1

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    Modern Architecture & Ideology: Modernism as a Political Tool in Sweden and the Soviet Union
    (2018-04-19) Levine, Robert
    This paper examines the role of architecture in the promotion of political ideologies through the study of modern architecture in the 20th century. First, it historicizes the development of modern architecture and establishes the style as a tool to convey progressive thought; following this perspective, the paper examines Swedish Functionalism and Constructivism in the Soviet Union as two case studies exploring how politicians react to modern architecture and the ideas that it promotes. In Sweden, Modernism’s ideals of moving past “tradition,” embracing modernity, and striving to improve life were in lock step with the folkhemmet, unleashing the nation from its past and ushering it into the future. In the Soviet Union, on the other hand, these ideals represented an ideological threat to Stalin’s totalitarian state.
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    Letter From The Editor
    (2018-04-19) Fingerhood, Minna B
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    Momentum Volume 5: Full Issue
    Welcome to Momentum, the University of Pennsylvania’s Science, Technology, and Society (STSC) Academic Journal. The Spring 2018 Edition presents a revival of the former journal (inactive since 2015) with an accessible and diverse spirit. In today’s world, technology often becomes synonymous with billion dollar startup companies or the newest iPhone applications. Our goal for this journal is to demonstrate how pervasive and multifaceted technology can be, and the various, if not unexpected ways, we encounter it. The subsequent collection of essays and art works will touch on a few of the many exchanges we share with technology. From the 2015 viral blue-and-black-or-white-and-gold dress to cinematic depictions of dogs, we aim to highlight the vast array of technologies and our interactions. We hope to inspire you to reflect on more of your own experiences and to internalize the expansive role technology has played in history, society, and your own individual life.
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    Good Boy: Canine Representation in Cinema
    (2018-04-19) Chodosh, Caleb
    This essay explores the ubiquity of dogs in cinema as means of eliciting fear, love and excitement. Although dogs have acquired several universally recognized traits in society, their depictions on screen vary wildly and do not cohere to form a singular meaning. Dogs appear in many roles: as “good boys” in domestic comedies, as the hero in a coming home flick, and as the muscle to a villain; they have been commercialized, anthropomorphized, weaponized, and racialized. This essay looks as the various ways in which dogs are depicted and what their varying symbolism represents.
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    Making an ImPACT: How Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing Became a Standard in Sport
    (2018-04-19) Crook, Carrie
    This paper evaluates how the Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) system became a standard in the NCAA from its release in 2001 to today. ImPACT is acomputerized neurocognitive testing system that physicians use in assessing and managing concussions. Sociological study often discusses the creation of standards in a broad sense. This paper focuses expressly on the creation of a particular standard in a particular context: ImPACT in the NCAA. The effort, tinkering, reformulation, and doubt that surrounds the creation of a standard is often forgotten once that standard is accepted. This paper unearths the process necessary to establish ImPACT as a standard. It evaluates primary evidence from international conferences on concussion in sport, national medical organization position statements on concussion, and the NCAA’s guidelines to concussion management. Support from powerful institutions, technological expertise, and monetary and practical impetus promoted ImPACT as the standard for concussion assessment in the NCAA.
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    Vision as an Experience of Virtual Reality
    (2018-04-19) Coetzee, Gaby