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R. Mangharam, J. Meyers, R. Rajkumar, D. Stancil, J. Parikh, H. Krishnan, and C. Kellum, "A Multi-hop Mobile Networking Test-bed for Telematics" Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress. Detroit, USA. April 2005


An onboard vehicle-to-vehicle multi-hop wireless networking system has been developed to test the realworld performance of telematics applications. The system targets emergency and safety messaging, traffic updates, audio/video streaming and commercial announcements. The test-bed includes a Differential GPS receiver, an IEEE 802.11a radio card modified to emulate the DSRC standard, a 1xRTT cellular-data connection, an onboard computer and audio-visual equipment. Vehicles exchange data directly or via intermediate vehicles using a multi-hop routing protocol. The focus of the test-bed is to (a) evaluate the feasibility of high-speed inter-vehicular networking, (b) characterize 5.8GHz signal propagation within a dynamic mobile ad hoc environment, and (c) develop routing protocols for highly mobile networks. The test-bed has been deployed across five vehicles and tested over 400 miles on the road.

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Date Posted: 17 November 2011

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