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Green space and stormwater infrastructure are of valued importance within the City of Philadelphia, but little research exists on understanding the unique contribution that green spaces can make in developing environmentally-conscious citizens. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, this project aims to explore theoretical components of environmental psychology and place attachment as related to the socioenvironmental benefits of urban green space. Two methods were used in 2013-2014 at one green space with stormwater management on the University of Pennsylvania campus: behavior mapping and a 200-person place attachment survey. An initial conclusion is that few participants have attachment to the space, but this does not inhibit perceptions of its quality and worth. The extensive use of the space indicates ample opportunity for environmental education on green stormwater infrastructure. Further research should be conducted to see if perceptual attachment leads to attitudinal correlates to environmental stewardship of place-centered conservation techniques, like green stormwater infrastructure.



Date Posted: 23 February 2016