Dissertations (MEAM)

Research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics focuses on the areas of Biomechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical and Electromechanical Systems, Mechanics of Materials, and Thermal Sciences and Energy Conversion.

Theses and Dissertations from 2022

User-Friendly, Low-Cost, Microfluidic Devices With Capillary Circuits For Multiplexed, Isothermal, Point-Of-Care, Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests, Huiwen Bai

Relationships Between Structure, Dynamics, And Flow In Sheared Amorphous Materials, Kevin L. Galloway

Accelerated Design Of Architected Materials With Geometric Heterogeneity For Enhanced Failure Characteristics, Chengyang Mo

Social Robot Augmented Telepresence For Remote Assessment And Rehabilitation Of Patients With Upper Extremity Impairment, Michael Joseph Sobrepera

The Design Of A Community-Informed Socially Interactive Humanoid Robot And End-Effectors For Novel Edge-Rolling, Andrew Specian

Mechanical Properties Of Fibrous Network Materials, Russell Spiewak

Some Investigations Of Phase Transitions In Rod-Like Macro-Molecules And Fibrous Gels, Chuanpeng Sun

Enhancing Strength And Toughness Via Reinforcement With Nanocellulose Fibers, Gnana Saurya Vankayalapati

Metal-Air Power Sources With Hydrogel Electrolytes For Long Endurance Robots, Min Wang

Deep Learning And Uncertainty Quantification: Methodologies And Applications, Yibo Yang

High Throughput Immunospecific Detection And Analysis On Subcellular Nanomaterials At Single Particle Level, Zijian Yang

Theses and Dissertations from 2021

Controlled Levitation Of Nanostructured Thin Films For Sun-Powered Near-Space Flight, Mohsen Azadi

Lightweight Structures Enabled By Microfabrication, Wujoon Cha

Dynamic Behavior Of Periodic Media And Elastic Metamaterials, Bryan Gonnara Chem

A Differential Homogenization Framework For Elasto-Viscoplastic Particulate Composites, Jose Emilio Cotelo

Analytical Homogenization Estimates For The Effective Properties And Field Statistics Of Viscoplastic Composites And Particle Suspensions, Christoph Kammer

Design Of Proprioceptive Legged Robots, Gavin Kenneally

Modular Robots Morphology Transformation And Task Execution, Chao Liu

From Deployments Of Elder Care Service Robots To The Design Of Affordable Low-Complexity End-Effectors And Novel Manipulation Techniques, Caio Cesar Carlos Rodrigues Mucchiani

Flying Modular Robots: From Self-Assembling Structures In Midair To Embedding Grasping Capabilities, Bruno Teles Gabrich

Structural And Mechanical Responses To Intermittent Parathyroid Hormone Treatment, Discontinuation And Cyclic Administration Regimens, Wei-Ju Tseng

Reactive Planning With Legged Robots In Unknown Environments, Vasileios Vasilopoulos

Theses and Dissertations from 2020

All-Passive Hardware Architectures For Neuromorphic Computation, Akshay Ananthakrishnan

Analytical Homogenization Estimates For The Transient And Steady-State Response Of Elasto-Viscoplastic Polycrystals, Shuvrangsu Das

Microscale Robotic Wetware For Synthetic Biology, Elizabeth Hunter

Microscale Robotic Wetware For Synthetic Biology, Elizabeth Hunter

Modulating Physical Interactions In Human-Assistive Technologies, Siyao Hu

Control Of Dry Adhesion Via Mechanics And Structuring, Aoyi Luo

Estimation, Mapping And Navigation With Micro Aerial Vehicles For Infrastructure Inspection, Tolga Ozaslan

Applications Of A Double-Stranded Elastic Rod Model To Dna, Jaspreet Singh

Coordinating Multi-Robot Teams In The Presence Of Motion Constraints And Heterogeneity, Michael James Whitzer

Coordinating Multi-Robot Teams In The Presence Of Motion Constraints And Heterogeneity, Michael James Whitzer

Delivering Expressive And Personalized Fingertip Tactile Cues, Eric Young

Delivering Expressive And Personalized Fingertip Tactile Cues, Eric Young

Theses and Dissertations from 2019

High-Dimensional Design Evaluations For Self-Aligning Geometries, Nicholas Edward Eckenstein

Resiliency In Robot Formations With Non-Cooperative Robots, Luis Guerrero Bonilla

Modeling And Control For Robotic Assistants: Single And Multi-Robot Manipulation, Monroe David Kennedy

Coarse-Graining Of Atomistic Models To The Continuum Scale With Applications To Elastodynamics And Diffusive Processes, Xiaoguai Li

Additive Manufacturing And Mechanical Properties Of Cellulose Nanofibril Materials, Lisa Mariani

Small, Safe Quadrotors For Autonomous Flight, Yash Mulgaonkar

Theses and Dissertations from 2018

Interfacial Wave Dynamics Of Core-Annular Flow Of Two Fluids, Mohammed Asaduzzaman

Condensation And Mobility Studies Of Fluid Interfaces, Paul Barclay

Understanding And Improving The Environmental Dependent Tribology And Thermal Stability Of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon By Using Silicon And Oxygen As Dopants, James Hilbert

Microstructures and Mechanical Metamaterials for Energy Conversion and Other Applications, Chen Lin

Microstructures And Mechanical Metamaterials For Energy Conversion And Other Applications, Chen Lin

Dynamic Behavior Of Elastic Metamaterials: Multiscale Modeling, Simulation, And Design, Chenchen Liu

Motion Planning For Micro Aerial Vehicles, Sikang Liu

Examination Of Callaway-Holland-Based Thermal Conductivity Calculation For Nano-Phononic Crystals, Ruiyuan Ma

The Role Of Sliding Contact In Nanoscale Tribochemistry, Zachary Banks Milne

Flow Behavior And Instabilities In Viscoelastic Fluids: Physical And Biological Systems, Boyang Qin

Control, Planning, And Coordination For Dynamic Aerial Manipulation With Robot Teams, Sarah Yifang Tang

Addressing Tasks Through Robot Adaptation, Tarik Daniel Tosun

Combustion Irreversibility Analysis And Reduction, Yuejun Yan

Theses and Dissertations from 2017

Design And Evaluation Of Interactive Hand-Clapping Robots, Naomi T. Fitter

Locomotion At Low Reynolds Number: Dynamics In Newtonian And Non-Newtonian Systems With Biomedical Applications, David A. Gagnon

Experimental Investigation Of Polymer Adhesion Mechanics Using A Blister Contact Test, Nathan Ip

Adhesion And Wear Of Nanoscale Polymer Contacts, Yijie Jiang

Mechanics Of Fluctuating Elastic Plates And Fiber Networks, Xiaojun Liang

Composite Posts For Enhanced And Tunable Adhesion, Helen K. Minsky

Rotorcraft Blade Pitch Control Through Torque Modulation, James J Paulos

Rotorcraft Blade Pitch Control Through Torque Modulation, James John Paulos

Constitutive Modeling of Viscoplastic Porous Single Crystals and Polycrystals: Macroscopic Response and Evolution of the Microstructure, Dawei Song

Constitutive Modeling Of Viscoplastic Porous Single Crystals And Polycrystals: Macroscopic Response And Evolution Of The Microstructure, Dawei Song

Grasping, Perching, And Visual Servoing For Micro Aerial Vehicles, Justin Thomas

Actuation, Sensing And Control For Micro Bio Robots, Denise Wong

Quantitative Modeling of Oxygen Precipitation in Silicon, Yi Yang

Quantitiative Modeling Of Oxygen Precipitation In Silicon, Yi Yang

Thermodynamic Analysis For Improving Understanding And Performance Of Hybrid Power Cycles Using Multiple Heat Sources Of Different Temperatures, Ting Yue

Theses and Dissertations from 2016

Path Planning For Persistent Surveillance Applications Using Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, James F. Keller

Particle, Polymer & Phase Dynamics In Living Fluids, Alison E. Koser

Continuum and Computational Modeling of Flexoelectricity, Sheng Mao

Passive Stability And Actuation Of Micro Aerial Vehicles, Matthew Piccoli Piccoli

Phase Boundary Propagation in Mass Spring Chains and Long Molecules, Qingze Zhao

Theses and Dissertations from 2015

Carbon Nanopipettes for Advanced Cellular Probing and Microinjection, Sean Eric Anderson

Data-Driven Haptic Modeling and Rendering of Realistic Virtual Textured Surfaces, Heather Marie Culbertson

Multi-Robot Active Information Gathering Using Random Finite Sets, Philip Dames

Mechanisms Controlling Friction and Adhesion at the Atomic Length-Scale, Xin Zhou Liu

Nanofibrous Disc-Like Angle Ply Structure for Total Disc Replacement in a Small Animal Model, John Thomas Martin

Dynamics and Statics of Liquid-Liquid and Gas-Liquid interfaces on Non-Uniform Substrates at the Micron and Sub-Micron Scales, Michael Meredith Norton

Increasing Transparency and Presence of Teleoperation Systems Through Human-Centered Design, Rebecca M. Pierce

Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy With the Nanoaquarium: Radiation and Electrochemistry, Nicholas M. Schneider

The Thermal Dielectrophoretic Force on a Dielectric Particle in Electric and Temperature Fields, Barukyah Shaparenko

Microswimmers and Microfluidics: Understanding and Manipulating the Locomotion of Undulatory Microswimmers, Jinzhou Yuan

Theses and Dissertations from 2014

DNA Conformational Changes and Phase Transitions Induced by Tension and Twist, David E. Argudo

Overall Mechanical Response of Soft Composite Materials with Particulate Microstructure at Finite Strains, Reza Avazmohammadi

Computational Modeling of Nanocrystal Superlattices, Mehdi Bakhshi Zanjani

Nanoparticle-shelled bubbles for lightweight materials, Teresa Brugarolas Brufau

Dielectric Elastomer Composites: Macroscopic Behavior and Instabilities, Morteza Hakimi Siboni

Validation and Application of an intervertebral Disc Finite Element Model Utilizing independently Constructed Tissue-Level Constitutive formulations That are Nonlinear, Anisotropic, and Time-Dependent, Nathan Jacobs

Self-manipulation and dynamic transitions for a legged robot, Aaron M Johnson

Strain effects on thermal conductivity of nanostructured silicon by Raman piezothermography, Kathryn Fay Murphy

Grasping and Assembling with Modular Robots, Jungwon Seo

Safe, Scalable, and Complete Motion Planning of Large Teams of Interchangeable Robots, Matthew Turpin

Intervertebral Disc Structure and Mechanical Function Under Physiological Loading Quantified Non-invasively Utilizing MRI and Image Registration, Jonathon H. Yoder

Theses and Dissertations from 2013

Computational Modeling of Geometry Dependent Phonon Transport in Silicon Nanostructures, Drew Cheney

A Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Model for Liquid-Vapor Phase Change, Ian A. Cosden

Motion Primitives and Planning for Robots with Closed Chain Systems and Changing Topologies, Steven Robert Gray

Predictable sequences and competing with strategies, Wei Han

Imaging and understanding atomic-scale adhesion and wear: Quantitative investigations using in situ TEM, Tevis David Bartow Jacobs

Robot Motion Planning Under Topological Constraints, Soonkyum Kim

Providing haptic perception to telerobotic systems via tactile acceleration signals, William C McMahan

Complex Fluids in Microchannel Flows at Low Reynolds Number: Elastic Instabilities and Rheology, Lichao Pan

Locomotion of small organisms in complex fluids at low Reynolds number, Xiaoning Shen

Mechanics of Interactions and Atomic-Scale Wear of Tips ian Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy, Vahid Vahdat

Interrogation of Single Asperity Electrical Contacts Using atomic force Microscopy With Application to Nems Logic Switches, Graham E. Wabiszewski

A three layered framework for annual indoor airflow CFD simulation, Yue Wang

Theses and Dissertations from 2012

Topological and geometric techniques in graph search-based robot planning, Subhrajit Bhattacharya

Non-Linear Homogenization of Magnetorheological Elastomers at Finite Strain, Evan Galipeau

Robotic construction of truss-like structures, Quentin J Lindsey

Traumatic brain injury thresholds in the pre-adolescent juvenile, Matthew R Maltese

Trajectory Generation and Control for Quadrotors, Daniel Warren Mellinger

Diffusional aggregation in binary solids, Qiwei Shi

Theses and Dissertations from 2011

Coordination of Multirobot Teams and Groups in Constrained Environments: Models, Abstractions, and Control Policies, Nora Ayanian

The Nanoaquarium: A Nanofluidic Platform for in SiTu Transmission Electron Microscopy in Liquid Media, Joseph M. Grogan

Microfluidic Pumping With Surface Tension Force and Magnetohydrodynamic Drive, Mian Qin

Moving interfaces as agents of conformational change in rod-like macromolecules, Ritwik Raj

Understanding stress at the atomic scale through the principle of equivalence of virtual work, Alan M Rosenwinkel

Using reconfigurable modular robots for rapid development of dynamic locomotion experiments, Jimmy Sastra

Piezoelectric aluminum nitride dual-beam relays for mechanical computing, Nipun Sinha

Entropic Elasticity of Polymers and Their Networks, Tianxiang Su

Microbead-Based Biosensing in Microfluidic Devices, Jason A. Thompson

Design and analysis of a gyroscopically controlled micro air vehicle, Christopher Everett Thorne

Miniaturization Methods for Modular Robotics: External Actuation and Dielectric Elastomer Actuation, Paul J. White

Propagation and scattering of mechanical vibrations in semiconductor materials, Neil Zuckerman

Theses and Dissertations from 2010


On Macroscopic Constitutive Relations and Microstructure Evolution in Multi-Scale Viscoplastic Composites, Michalis Agoras

Abstractions, Analysis Techniques, and Synthesis of Scalable Control Strategies for Robot Swarms, Spring Melody Berman

Patterning of Alloy Precipitation Through External Pressure, Jack A. Franklin

Passive Variable Compliance for Dynamic Legged Robots, Kevin C. Galloway

Tribochemical studies of hard carbon films as a function of load and environment, Andrew Robert Konicek

Integrating Theoretical and Experimental Methods for Multi-Scale Tissue Engineering of the Annulus Fibrosus of the Intervertebral Disc, Nandan L. Nerurkar

Theses and Dissertations from 2009

Single-Molecule Biophysical Assays with Electrokinetics, Mark Arsenault

Structure and mechanics of proteins from single molecules to cells, Andre E Brown

Dissipative particle dynamics for mesoscopic particle-based thermal-fluid simulations, Anuj Chaudhri

Anisotropic, inhomogeneous and nonlinear structure-function of human supraspinatus tendon, Spencer Park Lake

Guided assembly of nanostructures, Yucun Lou

Degeneration affects the structural and tissue mechanics of the intervertebral disc, Grace Divine O'Connell

Problems of orthotropic plastic constitutive models: Non-associated flow and evolution of anisotropy, Haizhen Pan

Configuration Recognition, Communication Fault Tolerance and Self-reassembly for the CKBot, Michael G. Park

Atomistic study of the deformation mechanisms during nanoindentation, Amit Samanta

Carbon-based nanoprobes for cell nanosurgery & biological applications, Michael G Schrlau

Mechanical and Chemical Effects in Adhesion of Thin Shell Structures with Applications in Wafer Bonding and Adhesion of Living Cells, Richard M. Springman

Control for Localization and Visibility Maintenance of an Independent Agent using Robotic Teams, Ethan A. Stump

Theses and Dissertations from 2008

Homogenization-based constitutive models for viscoplastic porous media with evolving microstructure, Konstantinos Danas

Theses and Dissertations from 2007

Motion control strategies for networked robot teams in environments with obstacles, M. Ani Hsieh

Interfacial characteristics of a gas bubble immersed in a surfactant and protein laden fluid: Experimentation and modeling, Joshua Willard Lampe

Non-associated plastic flow and effects on macroscopic failure mechanisms, Vikranth Racherla

The interplay of cell tension, elasticity, and adhesion: From the simple red cell membrane to differentiation and signaling muscle cells, Shamik Sen

Electromechanics of suspensions, T. N Swaminathan

Theses and Dissertations from 2006

Mechanochemical signaling directs cell state: A mechanics of materials foundation for cell biology, Adam J Engler

Macroscopic behavior and field statistics in viscoplastic composites, Martin Ignacio Idiart

Adaptive randomized algorithms for validation and analysis of complex systems, Jongwoo Kim

Reinforcement learning for mobile robot controllers: Theory and experiments, Meghann M Lomas

On the effective behavior, microstructure evolution, and macroscopic stability of elastomeric composites, Oscar Lopez-Pamies

Theses and Dissertations from 2005

Dynamics and control of a class of modular locomotion systems, Sachin Chitta

The role of tension on supraspinatus tendon to bone healing in a newly developed animal model of chronic rotator cuff tears, Jonathan A Gimbel

Evolution of laminar mixing layer, Din-Chih Hwang

Martensitic phase transformations in shape -memory alloys: Constitutive modeling and numerical simulation, Carl V Jannetti

Kinematics, energetics, and design of single and multi-body systems: With applications to non-commutative rotations and protein models, Sung K Koh

Fluid mechanics and mass transfer in rotating cylindrical vessels: A numerical and experimental study, Karthik Mukundakrishnan

A framework for shared motion control: Human -robot augmentation with applications to assistive technology, Sarangi Patel Parikh

Theses and Dissertations from 2004

Desalination by membrane distillation, Abdulaziz Mohammed Alklaibi

Investigations on contact-aided compliant mechanisms, Nilesh Dhananjaya Mankame

Modeling complex interactions in microfluidic systems, Shizhi Qian

Air ground coordination for image based control of an unmanned ground vehicle using aerial imagery, Rahul S Rao

Theses and Dissertations from 2003

Vision based control of unmanned aerial vehicles with applications to an autonomous four -rotor helicopter, quadrotor, Erdinc Altug

Geometric methods for multi-robot planning and control, Calin Andrei Belta

A framework for control of formations of mobile robots: Theory and experiments, Aveek Kumar Das

Macroscopic behavior, field fluctuations and texture evolution in viscoplastic polycrystals, Yi Liu

Theses and Dissertations from 2002

A conjugate transient computational analysis of flow, heat, and mass transfer in desiccant -airflow systems, Hassan Siraj Al-Sharqawi

Simulation and control of hybrid systems with applications to mobile robotics, Joel Matthew Esposito

Modeling of rigid body contacts for dynamic simulation, Peter Roy Kraus

Modeling, analysis and simulation of multibody systems with contact and friction, Peng Song

Vision -based characterization, manipulation, and control of objects using compliant tools, Xiaoye Wang

Theses and Dissertations from 1996

Fabrication and calibration of micro temperature sensors on silicon for measurement of surface temperature during nucleate pool boiling in dielectric liquid, William John Miller

Theses and Dissertations from 1995

A Digital Network Method for One Dimensional Wave Propagation in Nonuniform Elastic Rods and Helical Springs, Dominick A. DeAngelis

Stability of grasped objects: Beyond force closure, William Stamps Howard

Transport processes in thermal conductivity detectors, Yufeng Huang

Micro heat exchangers, Xiaoqing Yin

Theses and Dissertations from 1994

Behavior-based control for time-delayed teleoperation, Matthew Ralph Stein

Theses and Dissertations from 1993

Discrete and continuum elastic properties of interfaces, Elliott Solomon Alber

Theses and Dissertations from 1990

Mechanical design optimization of robot manipulator performance, Nathan Thatcher Ulrich

Theses and Dissertations from 1989

Evolution of anisotropy in the mechanical behavior of polymers, Scott David Batterman

Theses and Dissertations from 1988

Rolling contact with friction and non-Hertzian pressure distributions, Chaohwa Liu

Investigation into the flow induced instability of high pressure rotors of large steam turbines, John Purcell Thomas

Theses and Dissertations from 1973


Theses and Dissertations from 1972



Theses and Dissertations from 1962