Building Wellbeing Through Corporations, One Executive at a Time: Positive Psychology Executive Education

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Positive psychology, the science of how people thrive, is identifying a growing number of empirically tested ways to increase well-being. Corporations influence the well-being of many people, however few corporations are implementing positive psychology findings. Not only are they missing the opportunity to improve the well-being of their employees, customers, suppliers and their families (which is worthwhile in its own right), but they are also missing out on the improved performance and other benefits research has shown to be associated with that improved well-being. Corporate executives need to be educated about positive psychology and how its findings can help them and their organizations. This paper aims to address this issue by (a) providing an overview of the currently published research in positive psychology and associated fields that is most relevant for corporate executives; (b) outlining recent research on executive education, in particular how learning can be transferred effectively back to the workplace; (c) suggesting principles and considerations for building a curriculum for positive psychology executive education based on this research; and (d) outlining a sample curriculum for an open-enrollment positive psychology executive education program based on these principles.


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Date Posted: 19 December 2014