Recrafting Work: A Model for Workplace Engagement and Meaning

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Thesis or dissertation

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The global knowledge based economy, technological and information advances, and expanding complexity, are transforming the work place. Worldwide, less than a third of employees are actively engaged, the majority unengaged, and a significant portion actively disengaged. Work represents nearly half of waking life for most adults and has been identified as an important domain for authentic happiness. A model is provided to guide employees through the process of recrafting work to align with signature strengths with the goal of moving along the job, career, calling continuum. A description of the model, the empirical basis for the process and tools embedded in the model and results of a pilot implementation in a Fortune 250 global information services company are reviewed.


job re-crafting, engagement, job, career, calling


Business/Work, Well-Being/Flourishing


Empirical Study



Date Posted: 19 December 2014