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Inner Compass is an educational book directed primarily towards high-school and college students, written in a “self-help” style. It guides the reader how to give his life direction by identifying his strengths and what is meaningful to him. It presents compelling evidence from research done in the field of Positive Psychology for why living one’s life in accordance with his strengths and with a sense of meaning is crucial to success and happiness, and how strengths and meaning are vital informants for all major decisions in life. By applying tested exercises and positive interventions, it guides the reader in discovering his strengths and clarifying what brings meaning to his life, and, most importantly, how to find where the two overlap—a formula that provides the reader with a true sense of direction. This is particularly important for the target audience, young people in transition from childhood and teenage-hood into adulthood and independence. The book will be of great assistance both to the student who lacks direction and to the one who merely needs to refine his current direction by helping each one make personal discoveries in the two areas most vital to a life of tremendous well-being.


strengths, meaning, college, focus, choices


Character Strengths and Virtues, Education


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Date Posted: 19 December 2014