The Positive Relationships Between Yearbook Quotes, Yearbook Photos, and Alumni Giving: Social Connection and Gratitude as Long Term Enhancers of Generosity

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This study looked at 869 male high school seniors from the years 1976 to 1980 and evaluated their yearbook quotes for expressions of gratitude, their yearbook photos for expressions of social connectedness, and their giving to their 25th anniversary campaign for expression of generosity. In addition, the class of 1976 was also evaluated for their giving to the 30th anniversary campaign. The result showed that those students who both expressed gratitude and had their senior photo taken with another gave to the 25th anniversary campaign at twice the rate of those students who had chosen to be photographed alone and had not chosen to submit a quote. Gratitude and social connection are positive dispositions which enhance generosity over time.


gratitude, generosity, affiliation, yearbook, fundraising


Character Strengths and Virtues, Relationships


Empirical Study

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Date Posted: 19 December 2014