Positive Self-Care Yields Caring Healers (PSYCH): A Positive-Psychology-Based, Peer-Supported Self-Care Series for Therapist Wellbeing

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Therapist self-care is mandated by counseling and psychological associations’ code of ethics in order to maintain professional competencies. Current emphasis in therapist self-care is primarily negatively oriented, with a focus on mitigating, ameliorating, and preventing negative outcomes, including negligence and other negative professional behaviors, that are associated with stress, distress, and burnout. Also, most recommendations are solitary endeavors, which can contribute to and exacerbate therapist isolation, and are not promoted within a structured or focused program. Evidence-based interventions derived from the study of positive psychology, a strengths-based approach to cultivating wellbeing, have the potential to fill these unmet needs in therapist self-care. PSYCH is a formalized seven-component program of positive-psychology-based activities that incorporates positive-psychology interventions and is designed to be engaged with in a facilitator-led, peer-supported group environment. The goal of this self-care program is to cultivate flourishing, thriving, and enhanced wellbeing in order that the therapist can sustain the personal and professional vitality necessary for their life-giving work.


therapist, self-care, wellbeing, peer-support, program


Counseling/Coaching, Well-being/Flourishing



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Date Posted: 29 January 2018