RESET: Proposal for a self-help tool for Resilience and Strengths-building During Employment Transition for the Singaporean workforce

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Job losses are increasingly becoming commonplace amidst rapid globalization, technological changes and fast-changing business landscapes. For Singapore, the challenge is for the workforce to be able to adapt and grow as industries and jobs change in the local economy. When we think about helping those who are out of work, economics assistance often fall short in addressing the underlying psychological needs for adaptation. Additionally, the deficit approach of traditional psychology with a focus on curing mental dysfunction limits the perspective to help the group thrive. Positive psychology opens up new dimensions to consider in supporting the overall well-being of the unemployed population. This paper explores how positive psychology can be applied in Singapore's public programs to help the workforce grow and thrive in spite of job loss. The proposal is for an online self-help tool (RESET) which combines three key elements of resilience, strengths and positive orientation to support the psychological well-being of the workforce in the midst of increasing labor market uncertainties.


unemployment, job loss, resilience, character strengths, positive psychology, employment assistance, Singapore workforce


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Date Posted: 29 January 2018