Shoots & Ladders: Having Infinite and Influential Presence with Everyone Starts With our Mindsets

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Survivors of the Holocaust among other seniors in NYC shared their unimaginable experiences of how they began believing in the power of one’s “mindset” as defined as ideas and attitudes held by an individual. Individuals shared how they have grown from trauma through learning verbal and nonverbal ways of telling their stories with significant others, family, friends, staff and strangers. Survivors communicated stories through art, music and words both said and left unsaid. The book, the “Survival Guide to living a life of Shoots and Ladders” will be a story of narratives and research on mindset and the sense of well being individuals can achieve from writing, hearing, sharing our stories through words, humor or even having hope of a sense of togetherness through a community in person and/or online. Readers will be presented with unique narrative perspectives and psycho-education on how the more fully individuals believe in their presences and the potential of the presences of those around them, the more inclined they are to lead healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives. Individuals can elevate their personal and professional lives through understanding how mindsets influence health and wellness. Survivors noted how in any moment, individuals can accept and apply a mindset of having infinite and influential presence in their lives, which leads to a sense of personal freedom given any external circumstances.


mindsets, relationships, positive interventions, positive portfolio of people, survivors of trauma


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Date Posted: 07 October 2016