The Positive Previvor: A Book Proposal

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This book, tentatively titled “The Positive Previvor” will serve as a comprehensive guide for the reduction in risk, increased quality of life and/or early detection of breast cancer among high-risk individuals through science-backed positive psychology concepts and tools. This book does not serve as a definitive guide to prevent breast cancer, rather it acknowledges the possibility of the disease and will serve as an inspirational and motivational guide on how to formulate positive behaviors that can have the potential to decrease risk of the disease and create a strong foundation of emotional and physical health and resilience, which can increase quality of life in the event of diagnosis. The Positive Previvorwill fill the void in the market for “previvors,” who are those who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, but have a known predisposition for the disease through family history, genetic mutation diagnosis or a “high-risk” lifestyle.


health, breast cancer, brca, genetics, resilience, positive behaviors, well-being




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Date Posted: 07 October 2016