Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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A demographic phenomenon occurring in recent decades in the United States suggests that individuals approaching their retirement years will have unprecedented leisure time available to them. This project surveys literature on aging research, reviews positive psychology research regarding how to achieve well-being, and blends these two fields of research into a discussion of pathways to positive aging, in order to provide this information to individuals who wish to thrive in the second half of their lives. By using foundational tenets of positive psychology such as character strengths, positive emotions, engagement in activities, meaning, and relationships, individuals can develop strategies to improve their well-being, which may increase their longevity, along with their psychosocial and physical health. Empirical research is reviewed to validate the aging discussion, with particular attention to the cohort group of American baby boomers entering retirement age.


aging, positive psychology, thrive, positive aging, meaning, positive emotion, relationships, engagement

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Date Posted: 27 August 2013