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Inspired by my work as a coach in an academic medical center, this paper explores the mechanisms of presence and mindfulness as axioms to developing rapport within physician interprofessional engagement. Away from the physician-patient relationship, the focus here is on faculty, physicians, residents, and other clinical providers and how they relate to one another. Transpersonal experiences foster a connectedness of rapport that allows for deeper connection and mutuality. Participation in the mindfulness mechanisms of intention and attention can mitigate negative affective behavior in relationship with oneself and others. Mindful awareness encourages curiosity, presence, and rapport, which support healthy relationships. My coaching engagements with physicians focus on shifting their awareness to conscious choice with intention. It is not about how they practice medicine but how they practice presence and rapport toward developing healthy interprofessional relationships.


mindfulness, curiosity, presence, resonance, rapport, transpersonal, mutuality, relationships, medical education, coaching, resonance, communication


Counseling/Coaching, Relationships, Positive Emotions


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Date Posted: 01 August 2022