Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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Current economic forces, combined with powerful social forces, have created a shifting paradigm of value for markets and organizations around the world. Simply making money – regardless of the social costs – will no longer suffice as a definition of success for a country, a business or even for most individuals, as the human and environmental price becomes increasingly expensive and unsustainable. Now more than ever we need a revolution of new theories and ideologies to help us define and discover the “good society” of the future. Humbly the authors of this paper propose a new theory of business – Theory P – and a means to test its applications – positive business to advance this revolution by developing more positive leaders, employees and institutions. Grounded in the learnings from the great business thinkers and the leading “people” scientists of our time, we have blended organizational scholarship, positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship together to ask “What good is positive business?” We hope you find our thinking enjoyable, challenging and provocative. And we welcome feedback and ideas on how we might shape our ideas further.



Date Posted: 03 May 2012