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Interactive Journaling is a structured writing process that motivates and guides individuals toward positive change and greater well-being in target life areas. This paper maps the properties of Interactive Journaling to core properties and criteria of positive interventions – activities within the field of positive psychology that are empirically validated and strive to promote well-being. These properties include underpinnings in the evidence-based paradigm of expressive writing, an emphasis on participant agency and person-activity fit, and other evidence-based norms within the practice of Interactive Journaling. Based on this alignment, Interactive Journaling can be considered a positive intervention. Existing positive interventions may also be enhanced when integrated into the Interactive Journaling framework. Researchers are invited to examine Interactive Journaling more closely using validated well-being measures and new populations.


positive interventions, expressive writing, journaling, Interactive Journaling, workbooks, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology


Journaling, Expressive Writing, Writing, Positive Interventions


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Date Posted: 26 August 2021