Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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Physical activity (PA) or movement embedded into elementary school education offers both mental and physical health benefits for students. This paper will look at the important role physical activity plays in the overall physical, emotional, and academic well-being of students and make an argument for why the field of positive education should incorporate physical activity into its framework. It will also make a case for the critical role teachers play in bringing physical activity into their classrooms and provide strategies for how teachers can do this in a more organic way. Studies show that PA is as important to the learning environment as academics. With buy-in from administrators, teachers, and educational institutions, a practice of including physical activity into our daily schedule will produce benefits for wellness at school and beyond.


positive psychology, positive education, physical activity, physical literacy, physical education, movement, positive emotions, teacher burnout, positive interventions


Elementary School Well-being


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Date Posted: 24 August 2021