Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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This capstone is a draft of a proposed book on positive psychology in the workplace, aimed at a popular audience. It contains a detailed table of contents and reference sources, as well as several complete or partially- complete chapters. It also includes an extended section on lawyers that will form the basis of a separate academic article. The book’s working title is Happy at Work: How the Science of Positive Psychology will Revolutionize the Workplace. Its thesis is that most modern human resources practices are misguided with an overreliance on process and metrics. Humans are treated as capital, and firms focus on their failings and weaknesses rather than their strengths. In a post-crash world such approaches are unsustainable, and positive psychology provides a new way of managing that will revolutionize the workplace. Unlike what many would believe, it is OK to be happy at work; in fact, we should be happy at work. High corporate performance requires happy employees, and the book links the science of positive psychology with its practical application to show how any company can increase happiness at work.


Happiness, employment, work, law, lawyers, law school, positive psychology, human resources



Date Posted: 09 June 2011